On Saturday 21 October, we held our inaugural event at We Are 335 in Brixton, London. The event was attended by over 60 participants, representing a wide variety of predominantly UK-based activists and scholars with links to the African continent, the Americas and Europe.

It included an exhibition of activists’ work, entitled the Sankofasafarinta exhibition and comprised of four sessions: 

  1. An introductory panel led by different representatives within the INOSAAR
  2. Four parallel workshop sessions addressing separate reparations-related concerns: Activists and Scholars Facing Challenges of Collaboration on Afrikan Reparations; United Kingdom in the Glocal Approach to Afrikan Reparations; Arts and Humanities through Education/Edutainment for Afrikan Reparations; Reflecting on Little Afeni and the Cause of Reparations: Children’s Educational Resources on Afrikan Reparations
  3. Two roundtables: Youth and student Afrikan reparations round-table to explore the idea of building a youth and student auxiliary fellowship of the INOSAAR; “We run tings, state nuh run we”: round-table on the state and Pan-Afrikan reparatory justice
  4. A final discussion with all participants relating to the agreement of our principles of participation and future actions to take forward.

Conference programme

21 October 2017 report



Video documentary: INOSAAR Brixton

This documentary video was recorded and edited by Deon Stanford on 21 October 2017 and provides a summary of our initial discussions during this inaugural event.