INOSAAR Global Report: September 2019



It is exactly one year since many of us gathered together in Porto-Novo, Benin, for the international conference on reparations. As you will recall, the conference resulted in the Porto-Novo Declaration calling upon ‘Afrikan states and their diplomatic leadership to join with civil society in order to formulate policies and establish operational committees, in order to institutionalize and advocate the claim for reparatory justice from those countries that implemented the criminal globalization of chattel enslavement of Afrikans, according to the principles of international law and the provisions of the United Nations within the International Decade of People of Afrikan Descent’.

To mark that anniversary, we have produced a bilingual public report summarizing the work that we have conducted since 2017. The report includes reflections on the lessons we have learnt from bringing together different actors engaged in the quest for reparations, while also offering us the opportunity to think through our key priorities going forwards, including our vision for the future of the INOSAAR and our plans for further activities. The contents of this report are of relevance to any person, organisation or institution interested in academic-community working relations, the struggle for reparations and reparative justice and/or the process of decolonization. We would be very grateful if you would read it closely and help us to circulate it to relevant persons and organisations.

With thanks to you all for your participation to-date.