Lobbying for a meeting in Parliament

We are encouraging UK residents to write to their MPs to request a meeting in the Houses of Parliament to discuss ‘The Academic Legitimacy of the Afrikan Case for Reparations and its Implications for British State Policy-Making’. This is in response to the recent revelation that, up until 2015, tax-payers in Britain were paying off a debt that was accrued as a result of the compensation awarded to British enslavers, as legislated with the Slavery Abolition Act 1833. This revelation has inspired a petition about this misuse of taxes and the Labour Party has also unveiled plans for firms with links to the so-called Atlantic ‘slave trade’, or as we prefer, the trans-Atlantic trafficking in enslaved Afrikans, to contribute to the setting up of a Slavery Educational Trust.

We are asking for your support to request a meeting in Parliament to discuss the potential refund of tax monies, which could be used to assist the Afrikan Heritage Community to effect its own innovative planning approaches to reparatory justice. This approach is summed up by the word ‘Pempamsie’, meaning that Afrikan Heritage Communities will be able to design their own bespoke reparatory justice programme that will satisfy their own self-determined interests and purposes. To assist, we have drafted a letter for you to cut and paste, deleting various sections as appropriate. To contact your MP, type their name into the MP directory or search for their contact page online.


INOSAAR template letter to MPs